Netherlands OpenSolaris User Group Discontinued and assimilated in new Netherlands Open Solaris Interest Group (NOSIG)

On Nov 4th 2010, the Netherlands OpenSolaris User Group was discontinued for reasons described here ([pdf] here).

No panic though! We started a completely new group, the Netherlands Open Solaris Interest Group (NOSIG).
The inaugural statement for NOSIG can be found here ([pdf] here).

The NLOSUG website has been frozen and will no longer be updated or maintained. All NLOSUG-related groups on Hyves, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have been removed per 31-jan-2011. Only the pictures and movies remain:

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 YouTube   NLOSUG's own channel on YouTube

Also, the NLOSUG related email alias has been closed down. Sadly we were unable to retain the email archive (covering the period between Sep 2006 and Nov 2010). Also the OSUG forums where closed down.
We managed however to keep the infamous NLOSUG Meeting Archive. It contains information (presentations, photos, impressions) from all NLOSUG meetings, held between Oct 2006 and Nov 2010.

If you are interested in the Solaris Operating System -both past, current and/or future versions- please go to the NOSIG website at

Update per 12 February 2013:

(Bart Muijzer): The frontpage of the infamous website stated that will be decommissioned on 24 March 2013 and that can be used as the new host for Solaris-related projects. So I moved the NLOSUG Meeting Archive onto the NOSIG website.

Last update: 12-feb-2013 by NOSIG/Bart Muijzer